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The necessary details obtained to initiate placement of order is the most crucial step of acquiring our writing services. All the necessary information taken is subjected to verification via secure database system to ensure that all the data acquired is preserved safely. To have a sound understanding of our privacy policy, we have compiled all the information in a systematic manner, mentioned as follows:

Personal Identification

The details that entail IP address, the browser information, search engine along with the time it is accessed and the operating system forms the identifiable information acquired at the time a user logs in. The non-identifiable information is obtained when the user signs up to fill the form to place the order. The aforementioned process requires first and last name, email ID, country, phone number and the order details. The payment is made via Credit Card or PayPal during which the client is redirected to reliable payment gateways that are owned by third party. The Hire Researcher shall not be subjected to bear any consequences, if the services of data collection provided by the third party may fail to do so.

Secure Database

We have formulated unbeatable outclass secure databases to ensure the protection of the private and personal details provided by the user. Only the authorized staff member has access to the system. To keep the data confidential, Hire Researcher has employed the use of SSL– standard security software technology. This enables safe online shopping on website. We make sure that no other personal information of the client is ever accessed, utilized, exposed to, or publicized by unauthorized individuals. If in case your information has to be shared, we make sure that your approval is sought prior. We guarantee security of the client’s data but shall not be responsible at places where third party is concerned in any way.

Disclosure Policy

Non-disclosure policy is practiced at Hire Researcher with perfection. We value our customer’s details and realize that it should be kept secure. However, the personal information as username and email ID is used for ease in identification and correspondence with the client. We and the companies affiliated with us may use the clients email ID, for promotion and marketing of our products, to ensure that they are connected to us. The writer and the company maintain continuous contact through the number shared to seek them if there are any queries related to order. All the information of the client shall never be leaked or shared or publicized at any cost.

Data Validity

Every user is designated a specific code through which the entire correspondence takes place. In this manner the validity of the transaction receipt is cross checked. We ascertain that no client shall make any bogus claims or perform any fraud with Hire Researcher in the writing process. It has never been the company’s policy to inquire about the password or the Credit Card details of the customer, so we request you to never provide this information to anyone. Always ensure the privacy of the code assigned to you as that is the mode of any sort of communication between the client and Hire Researcher’s writer. The code is different for every order and the status turns green upon registration.

Children– Data Collection

No individual under the age of 18 can utilize our writing services. If they really which to attain our help, they are advised to seek their parents/guardians help. In only one condition we entertain children, that is, if they are allowed by their parents or guardian and they are ready to provide their consent in black and white. Once they have met all the requirements, they shall ensure to abide by the same data collection policy as designed for all.

Cookie Acceptance

A smart technology in form of cookies, which is a small file, is sent into your system as you agree to abide by the terms and conditions and accept to avail our services. The sole purpose of sending the cookies to your system is to enable the customer to have extraordinary experience at our website. Through this file we access the history visited and the browsing data of the client to ensure improvised user experience at our website.

Data Protection– Your right!

The privacy is customized as per the client’s request. We let you decide which information you wish to share with whom. Your decision is respected and the data is displayed as they chose to be shown. The cookies can be stored on the system or not again depending upon the choice of the user. Hire Researcher believes in providing customer their rights and is flexible to entertain them with dedication.

Amendments in Policy

The data collection and disclosure policy contains all the pertinent information to facilitate the users. However, we request our clients to keep visiting our website frequently to remain updated, if any changes are made. Depending upon the circumstances and employment of other services, we reserve the right to make any sort of changes in the privacy policy at any time. You are requested to abide by all the rules and regulations to maintain clarity and comfort in corresponding with Hire Researcher.

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