Hire Researcher - Terms of Use

Terms of Use enlisted by the Hire Researcher has immense significance in terms of setting the code of conduct about the company, and it is highly expected to be thoroughly read and complied with before placing any writing service order to the company. The users shall be responsible for any consequences if he/she fails to abide by the terms mentioned in the document as follows:

Terms for Services

Hire Researcher is composed of highly qualified professionals to assist the students in accomplishing their work tasks so that they can complete their academic studies with flying colors and motivation. Over the years, we have taken over the challenge to provide complete documents that do not even require reviewing or any sort of proof-reading before submitting the paper. The best writing services provided by our professional writers ensure that the marking criteria and the quality of work demanded is met with perfection. Our services include:

  • Researching 
  • Writing
  •  Editing
  • Rewriting
  • Proofreading
  • Formatting and
  • Drafting

However, the company shall not be held responsible for any consequences caused in response to the submission of the paper in the respective institution and hence no writer and the company can be subjected to any legal claims.

Terms for User’s Eligibility

The Services of effective writing promised by Hire Researcher can be accessed by students who are 18 years of age or above. Therefore, upon acceptance of Terms and Conditions, you have agreed to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations devised by the company. You are requested to provide accurate personal information or the company reserves the right to cancel your order upon valid suspicion without any warning.

Terms for Authentication Process

Hire Researcher is permitted the right to run verification checks through different methods of the payment, as soon as you accept our service. You may be asked to submit additional affidavits that will ascertain your agreement, upon making the payment in return of achieving the writing service. This practice is usually limited to the first clients, however, may be applicable to others if any unreliable dubious activities are observed from their respective accounts. The order may be subjected to delay or cancellation, if the verification process fails, upon which the company shall not be liable for any circumstances.

Terms for Placement of Order

Following is the criteria to place an order and avail the writing services of Hire Researcher:

Get registered on our Website

The user is strictly advised to use the correct and valid email ID ensuring effective correspondence with the student at times when it is necessary to associate and discuss instructions or paper format.

Invalid Email ID

The writer shall not be responsible if any delay is caused in meeting the deadline due to unavailability of the student ID, through which contact can be made when needed.

Additional Instruction

The client is requested to send any other set of instruction if required within 24 to 48 hours after placing the order. After which the writer shall not be responsible for missing any data due to incomplete instructions.

If any particular source of reference is not provided, the writer exercises the right to use any source.

Payment Policy

No paper/order shall be commenced until payment is made. The duration of the paper submission will resume as the payment is received by the company. Without payment, the order shall not be considered and will be accordingly cancelled.

Terms for Quality Standards

The Hire Researcher is capable of providing varied quality of the paper, as requested by the client at the time of placement of order. So, the professionals are bound to ensure that the quality is maintained as asked by the user. Our experts can meet all your requirements with ease. The company shall not be responsible if you disapprove the work quality though it would be our best effort to meet your demands.

Terms for Incomplete/Inappropriate Instructions

The student shall make compensation for additional order, if he/she has previously provided wrong instructions, and the writer shall not be responsible of the client’s mistake. In case, if the writer identifies that wrong order is placed with inappropriate requirements, the order might be held and will not be resumed until clearance by the students.

Terms for Paper Delivery before Deadline

It is the utmost priority of the Hire Researcher to deliver the paper by the deadline. However, if the order is not dispatched on time and is subjected to any delay due to the incomplete or inappropriate details provided by the client, any additional instruction or lack of correspondence in the meantime. Orders made during weekends on short deadline i.e. 12 hours or 24 hours will be delivered in the weekdays.

Terms for Revision

The client is expected to review the entire paper within a day or two on the basis of the instructions provided by him/her. He/she can request revision, if any mentioned details are lacking from the document, free of cost. However, if any review request that entails new instructions will be taken into account as a new order.

Terms for Refund and Charge back

Students are advised to communicate to the staff through any medium such as Live Chat, email, phone, or discussion board for the refund claims and settlement. The refund is made as per the policy practiced by the Hire Researcher. The student is bound to provide valid reasons if he/she fails to appreciate the paper quality. The enlisted details are thoroughly studied to agree or refute with the objections raised. However, the deadline difference amount is refunded if the deadline is unable to be met. In the case of complete refund, as claimed by the student, they shall have no right on the paper and the company reserves the right to re-use, resell or publish the paper for sake of marketing. The client shall be blocked if he/she plans to file a charge back without prior correspondence with the company, leading to the selling of all his previous papers prepared at Hire Researcher. We will also publish your personal details on the fraud list and further judicial trial can be brought about on you.

Terms for Order Cancellation

The order placed by the client can be terminated if he/she fails to comply with the requirements of the order form. If the work asked to be provided by the writer exceeds the number of pages or requires the use of particular software that is not ordered in the services, the order shall be cancelled or terminated.

Terms for Grade& Results

Hire Researcher agreed to provide its best paper writing services but refuse to take guarantee of any grade awarded to the student by their institution. We put our 100% effort to produce a high quality and up-to-the-mark paper but if you fail to score better due to any other reasons not provided in the order, we shall not be liable to any consequences.

Terms for Right of Intellectual Property

The paper can be sold by the company, who originally owns it and reserve the right of selling it, to the client as his intellectual property upon meeting the payment criteria. The client can be any individual of 18 years or above.

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